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Attractions in Lüneburg

With its more than 1,000 monuments, there is something to see on practically every street corner in Lüneburg: from the historic town hall, which fuses several epochs of architecture within its walls, to the idyllic Alter Hafen (Old Harbour) of the salt town, to the significant churches and museums. The Am Sande square, which is the oldest square and also the town’s centre, is lined with the historical patrician houses typical of Lüneburg. The romantic harbour in the historic Wasserviertel (Waterside District) abounds with architectural and epicurean delights. Today, the establishments in Lüneburg’s prettiest pub district are housed in these old gabled houses.

Guided Lüneburg Tours

Guided tours through Lüneburg
Historical tour guides

What’s so special about Lüneburg? That’s quite simple really. The pulsating, youthful atmosphere of a 1,000-year-old Hanseatic town that has preserved its medieval charm to this day. The charm of the brick buildings decorated with artistic gables, the Gothic churches and one of the most beautiful and largest medieval town halls in northern Germany. Explore Lüneburg’s most famous sights on one of our town tours.

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Top 10 attractions in Lüneburg

Top 10 Attractions of Lüneburg
Old Town Hall of Lüneburg

One spot is more beautiful than the next and there are more than 1,000 listed buildings. We have put together Lüneburg’s ten top attractions for you. You cannot leave without having seen them!

Top 10 Attractions in Lüneburg...


Lüneburg's Museums
Museum Lüneburg

Learn about the history of Lüneburg and its region in one of Lüneburg’s museums. Produce salt yourself at the salt museum or stroll through Kloster Lüne (Lüne Abbey). Have fun!

Lüneburg Museums...