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Lüneburg by Bike

Bike holiday in Lüneburg
Lüneburg by bike

People in Lüneburg love cycling. The specially designated cycle paths take you to virtually every corner of the town. And if you are planning a bicycle trip, there are great cycling routes through the beautiful countryside around Lüneburg. If you would like to experience the magnificent surroundings of the salt and Hanseatic town of Lüneburg actively, there’s no better way than by bicycle. Many attractive, well-signposted, themed routes of various lengths wind through the region.

Hop on a City Bike

city bikes in Lüneburg

The Lüneburg town bicycles—the red ones parked at various spots in Lüneburg—are very practical. Once you have registered, you can hire one of the bicycles to explore the town on your own. The first 30 minutes are free. The staff at the Lüneburg Tourist Information Office will be happy to help you set up your account.

City bike stations...

Heathland Cycle Path

The Heathland Cycle Path is one of the most beautiful cycle paths in Germany: all of 165 km of exciting culture and beautiful countryside.