Hiking in Lüneburg

Hiking around Lüneburg
Hiking around Lüneburg

Hiking has become popular. In Lüneburg too. The countless hiking trails are ideal for hiking enthusiasts to discover the diverse landscapes in the beautiful region around Lüneburg. We have picked two hiking trails for you. Drop by the Lüneburg Tourist Information Office and ask the competent staff about hiking in the area. They will be happy to help you.

Of gaining the summit and splashing through streams

Hiking along the Hasenburger Bach
Hiking along the Hasenburger Bach

The Lüneburg Kalkberg affords a breathtaking view of the town, the 500-year-old Schnellenberg Manor is steeped in history and the beer garden in Böhmsholz just makes you want to stop for a break.

Charakter: 15 km, solid sandy track, forest floor, asphalted roads, GPS data available.
Start: Sülzwiesen, Am Bargenturm, 21339 Lüneburg
Have a break: Restaurant "Wassermühle Heiligenthal" | "Waldgasthof Böhmsholz"

  1. Kalkberg: affords a fantastic view of Lüneburg. Several information panels describe the history of the hill’s formation as well as its flora and fauna.
  2. Schnellenberg Manor: an old manor built in the 14th century. A beautiful avenue lined with lime trees leads directly to the neoclassical manor house, which was built in 1802.
  3. Böhmsholz: 320 acres of mixed woodland with a population of old trees worth visiting all year round. In the midst of this idyllic landscape, Waldgasthof Böhmsholz is the ideal place to stop for a break.
  4. Heiligenthal: nowadays, Wassermühle Heiligenthal (Heiligenthal Watermill) is the perfect place to stop for coffee and cake, or a warm meal.
  5. Hasenburger Bachtal: a nature reserve that is home to endangered animal and plant species.

Tip: Part of this hiking trail proceeds along the 6-km-long Heiligenthal nature trail. It is marked with the Heiligenthal coat of arms and each stop has a numbered post. A brochure with detailed descriptions of the sights is available at the Wassermühle Heiligenthal.

The idyllic Ilmenau valley

Hiking around Lüneburg
Devils Bridge

This hike will reveal the diverse landscapes through which the Ilmenau river flows: at times you will walk right on the river banks or along gurgling streams, and at others through hilly forest landscapes adorned with glorious views of the meandering river and its meadows.

Charakter: 9 km, forest floor, asphalted roads, GPS data available.
Start: Willy-Brandt-Straße / Amselweg, 21335 Lüneburg
Have a break: "Forsthaus Rote Schleuse"

  1. Amselbrücke (Merl Bridge): beautiful view at the river "Ilmenau"
  2. Lüneburg’s ‘Loreley crag’: a four-tonne boulder on the steep banks of the Illmenau, affording a wonderful view of the pronounced river loop.
  3. Teufelsbrücke (Devil’s bridge): let your gaze wander across the floodplain landscape.
  4. A ford across the Hasenburger Mühlenbach (a stream), historically used by the postal service, can be seen near the wooden bridge. Like the stream, it was part of the earthworks constructed between 1397 and 1406 to enforce the staple right.
  5. Hasenburger Schweiz: hilly terrain, the remains of an ice-age moraine around which the Hasenburger Mühlenbach gently meanders.
  6. Since the Ilmenau is an ideal breeding and hunting ground for the common kingfisher, a ‘kingfisher wall’ was erected to encourage the reclusive bird to nest here.

Tip: If you’re lucky, you could experience your very own ‘blue miracle’ on the Ilmenau, because the reclusive kingfisher is frequently spotted here! Several information panels along the Ilmenau cycle path describe the fauna and flora, geological features and cultural historical sights.

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