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Though Lüneburg has a lot to offer, the surrounded area is also worth exploring. Lüneburg is located between the Lüneburg Heath, a protected landscape, the Elbe River and Elbtalaue and Hamburg City. Besides that there are more historical and interesting spots to visit. Here is our list of recommendations.


H-Schiffshebewerk Scharnebeck_C Klaus Ripphahn.jpg


One of the world’s biggest double-vertical ship lifts in Scharnebeck is a special kind of tourist attraction. It demonstrates unique technology when passenger ships are lifted up in two huge steel troughs by a 'giant elevator'. The ship lift started operation in 1975, in 2015 it celebrated its 40th anniversary. Visitors can watch freight and sport vessels being lifted over a level of 38 metres between the river Elbe and the Elbe-Seitenkanal, one of the most important waterways in northern Germany. For any further interesting facts around the ship lift you are welcome to visit the information centre or book a guided tour.