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Lüneburg is an allround talent and has a lot to present: exceptional history, diverse cultural offers, stunning nature or various sports. We are convinced Lüneburg is an awesome destination to visit and can satisfy many needs and interests. Be curious and enjoy! 



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In Lüneburg’s  center you can shop for practically anything your heart desires. Small, fine, family-owned shops, bistros and cafés, delicatessens and boutiques are typical for Lüneburg. Opening hours in Germany may be a bit different from what you are used to: shops are closed on Sundays, so it would be better to take a town tour or a trip somewhere in the region on a Sunday and plan your shopping trip for another day. The popular 'Shopping Sunday' is held four times a year, on the dates listed here.


Rathausführung Lüneburg

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Tours through the Town Hall are available every day, except mondays, with a provided  handsheed  in  English.  The Town Hall is a unique building which owns magnificent halls from the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. It's definetly a must-see in Lüneburg and during summer a nice cool-down.  




Lüneburg has the second-highest density of pubs per  head   in Europe and boasts numerous beautiful cafés, restaurants and bars. A particularly popular spot is the old harbour at the Stint Market, where mild summer evenings are somewhat reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Stylish restaurants and wonderful cafés await you.  Savour the excellent food: try Lüneburg bonbons, salt chocolates, liqueurs and the delicious beers of the  local breweries. Our regional specialities also make excellent souvenirs for your loved ones back home.




Besides the historical environment Lüneburg has a lot of culture and art to present.  Almost every night you can visit a concert, lection  etc. What's up tonight? Ask at the tourist information.  You can also find many events in the calendar of events.

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Tourist Information

Rathaus/Am Markt

21335 Lüneburg



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One of the true highlights during a stay in Lüneburg is the weekly held farmers` market. Every Wednesday and Saturday you can meet our local traders in front of the marvellous townhall facade. Taste seasonal, fresh, regional and mostly organic products, have a chit-chat with farmers and locals and learn about the mentality of our native citizens. Meet the early birds just after opening,  the families collecting ingredients for lunch or dinner and watch among them those who stroll along watching the morning leasurly pass by. Don´t miss a freshly brewed Espresso or a tasty Bratwurst at one of the many stands on market square and do as the locals do, relax.

Wednesday & Saturday:

7 am to 1 pm

Market square in front of the town hall

21335 Lüneburg