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Town Hall

Am Markt

21335 Lüneburg

Behind the 1720 fulfilled baroque facade you will find one of the biggest medieval town halls in Northern Germany. The building grew over the centuries, so you will find an exceptional mix between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. With its beautiful interior and decoration it is one of the most beautiful attractions in Lüneburg.

A tour through the town hall will demonstrate how the work of the council was interwoven with the development of the building itself. The tour will lead you through the history of Lüneburg by visiting rooms of many ages. The Draper’s Hall was a former market hall for the sale of precious fabrics. Today you will find replicas of the once extensive and valuable silver treasure.

A highlight is the Gallery of Justice with its wonderful paintings on the ceiling. In this room you can feel history. This was the Court of Righteousness, and you can feel the solemnness and the seriousness with which they carried out their work. There are colourful windows and the paintings reinforcing the need for justice. This is the hall where the council met from the beginning of the 14th century. From the late 16th century they also used the Great Council Chamber for these issues. This room is special for its complex and very detailed carvings and the allegoric paintings. The Hall of Princes was used as a ballroom from the middle of the 15th century, and for official festivities or visits of the princes. The rooms of the town hall were built for representation of the municipal authorities, but there are rooms which allow us a view into daily work as well. The Old Chancellery, Mayoral Chamber and Old Archive are still equipped as working rooms. The interiors of the historic rooms are mostly original, and with some imagination history easily becomes alive.

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January – March:
Tuesday to Sunday 11 am/ 2 pm

April – December:
Tuesday to Saturday 10 am/ 12 am/ 3 pm
Sunday and public holiday: 11 am/ 2 pm

Tickets: Tourist Information -    left side of Town Hall
Meeting Point: Entrance L (Am Ochsenmarkt)


The guided tour takes 1 hour. A written translation in English is available with the German language tours free of costs.

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Rathaus/ Am Markt
21335 Lüneburg

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